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It's Me!

Hi there! My name is Ari Hlynur Guðmundson Yates and I’m a cartoonist/illustrator from Iceland. Welcome to my webpage!

FYI: the name of this page "Teiknari" means illustrator in Icelandic, but the ending of that word is also my first name "Ari" and I find it helps people remember me.


I graduated with a BA in graphic design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2014. Graphic design was a practical choice for me and I don’t regret the choice because I learned so many practical skills. However, illustration is my true passion and my graduating project was writing, illustrating and designing a children’s picture book. Ever since then I’ve been freelancing mostly as an illustrator.
In 2015 I began my master’s degree in Art Education and graduated at the end of 2017. For the latter part of 2017, I’ve been studying Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.
I have worked for many clients including The Teachers Association of Iceland, Landvernd (environmental protection agency), Iceland Department of Education, ASSITEJ Iceland (International theater association), The Icelandic Mental Health Alliance and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra to name a few.
I’m very passionate about illustration, idea development and collaboration projects. I love help clients develop their ideas and make them into reality; it’s one of the best feelings in the world. I also like writing my own stories and following them through to a finished piece. Most of all I just want to make people (especially children) happy with my drawings and getting a laugh is just simply what I live for. If I can lighten your day even just a little bit, that’s my work done. That’s my driving force.
I’m glad you decided to drop by and check out my page, I hope you enjoy it! Please browse around and have some fun. You might even find some hidden treasure along the way!








2015 - 2017



2010 - 2014

2004 - 2008 

Wrote and illustrated a children's book; If I Were a Viking.

Illustrated an animated show for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra; Tubby the Tuba.

Finished studies and the final project (a children's hybrid book) at The Animation Workshop.

Illustrated several educational books for Systime in Denmark.

Intership at Penguin Random House in London.

Intership at Systime book publisher in Aarhus, Denmark.

Illustrated several educational books for Systime.


Did concept development and illustrating for Landvernd (Icelandic environmental protection agency).

Received grant for collaboration project to publish a book on geology for kids.

Graduated with MA in art-education.

Began studies at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.


Did collaboration project with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

Got artist-salary from the Icelandic government, for writing and illustrating a children's book.

Illustrated and published a children's picture book: The Royal Pimple Problem.

Illustrated my first published children's book; Vélmennið í grasinu (the Robot in the Gras).


Studied Art Education in Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Wrote and illustrated a children's book about ADHD.


Worked as an English- and art-teacher in Guangzhou, China.

Published a book for iPad 'The 3 Little Piggies'.

Studied Graphic Design (BA) in Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Studied Media Studies in FA (an Icelandic high school/college).






Programs I'm great at:

                  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel.


(some) Clients:

Systime Danish book publisher
Animated Learning Lab (ALL)
Geðhjálp (The Icelandic Mental Health Alliance)
Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands (Iceland Symphony Orchestra)
David Berman Communications
Kennarasambandi íslands (Icelandic Teachers Union)
Hringur bókaútgáfa (Hringur Publishing House)
Menntamálastofnun (The Icelandic National Centre for Educational Materials)
Landvernd (Icelandic Environment Association)
Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja (Westman Island Theatre Group)
Prentmet (Prentmet Printing house)
Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands, Iceland Simphony orchestra, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, myndskreytir, teikningar, illustrator, illustration
 Landvernd, Icelandic enviroment association, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration
Námsgagnastofnun, Menntamálastofnun, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration
Kennarasamband Íslands, Icelandic Teachers Union, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, myndskreytir, teikningar, illustrator, illustration
Hringur Bókaútgáfa, Publishing house, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration
Geðhjálp, Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration
Leikfélg Vestmannaeyja, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration
Prentmet, Printing company, Ari Hlynur Gudmundsson Yates,,, teiknari, illustrator, illustration


"Ari Yates illustrated my book the Robot in the Grass for me and it was my first collaboration project with him. The work went really well and the outcome was a fine book, filled with lively, colorful pictures which lifted my humble story to new hights!"
- Gunnar Eggertsson, Author
"We are extremely happy with the illustrations we got from Ari Yates for the Prentmet 2018 calendar. His pictures portray his talent, creativeness, humor and rich imagination. All our interactions with Ari were exemplary and all deadlines were met."
- Ingibjörg Steinun Ingjaldsdóttir, owner and Chairman of the Board of Prentmet Printing house
"Ari made lively and playful illustrations which captured well the spectrum of the music, and brought the Firebird to life in the minds of the young audience. He displayed an original approach guided by humor and a sense of justice – striking images which will live on in the audience’s memory."
- Hjördís Ástráðsdóttir,  Education Director, Iceland Symphony Orchestra
"Geðhjálp, the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, commissioned Ari to design a leaflet and a poster about the organisation’s work. The results far exceeded our expectations: Ari is an absolute professional, a talented and solution-focussed artist with both feet on the ground. Last but not least, Ari is amazingly inventive, and it was a pleasure to work with him. We give him our highest recommendation!"
- Anna Gunnhildur Ólafsdóttir, General manager of the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance

Ari Hlynur has created three posters for us. In both cases he far exceeded our expectations! Ari has the insight and imagination to give unformed ideas a visual form – which is not only wonderful in an aesthetic sense – he also grasps the client‘s imagination, adds to it and brings it to life. I recommend Ari without hesitation for all kinds of visual work with ideas!

- Þórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir, former chair, MFÍK Women‘s Alliance for Culture and Peace